Device Name Profiles

You can create a profile for device names to speed up device creation and help you maintain a consistent naming convention.

To create a Device Name Profile, go to Tools>>Templates and Bulk Operations>>Device Name Profiles.

In this example, we will create a device profile that will generate device names NH-DC-0001 to NH-DC-9999.

To create a device name profile, enter…
(1) A required name for the profile
(2) An optional Prefix. This will cause every name generated to have the prefix at the start (e.g. NH-DC-).
(3) An optional Suffix. This will cause every name generated to have the suffix at the end (no suffix in the example above).
(4) A number length. In the example above, 4 digits are requested which in combination with the start number parameter results in the range 0001 to 9999.
(5) A start number. Usually this will be 1 but it can be any number.

You can then create devices directly from the Device Name Profiles list view by clicking the Create button next to the profile…

In the example above, we are creating 8 devices. The first created device will be name NH-DC-xxxx where xxxx is the next number for the profile. In other words, if no devices have been created, the first device name will be NH-DC-0001. If the last device name created was NH-DC-0051, then the first of the 8 new devices will be NH-DC-0059.