Device Ignore Rules

You can exclude devices from discovery jobs by applying Device Ignore Rules to them. You may want to apply Device Ignore Rules to devices such as network printers, fax machines, IP phone systems, etc.

Note that using Device Ignore Rules does not affect device data that has already been discovered by previous discovery jobs. Any Device Ignore Rules you apply affect only discovery jobs you run after you have applied the rules. Device Ignore Rules work for all discovery jobs, including cloud discovery.

You can see Device Ignore Rule discovery results and details in the Discovery Scores page (select Reports > Discovery Scores to view the page).

Add a Device Ignore Rule

Select Tools > Settings > Device Ignore Rules and then click Add Device Ignore Rule to apply an ignore rule to a device.

Select an Ignore device based on option:

  • Device name
  • OS name
  • Mac address prefix
  • Hardware model
  • Tag (device tag)

Enter any characters in Ignored text field for the ignore option you selected. If the character string you enter matches any portion of the corresponding attribute of a device, that device is ignored. If multiple devices have matching attributes, they are all ignored.

You can also select Text length match type (Partial match or Exact match) and Text case match type (Case insensitive or Case sensitive) to further define the text to ignore.

Note that the page also displays a Last time time stamp if the Device Ignore Rule has already been used during a discovery.

Click Save to save the Ignore Rule.

Add Device Ignore Rules from a Device List

You can a Device Ignore Rules to one or more devices from one of the D42 device lists. Select one of the options from the Devices menu – this example uses Devices > Virtual Devices – and select the devices you want to apply a rule to.

Select Ignore devices from autodiscovery from the Action menu and then click the lighting button.

Device42 displays the Ignore devices from autodiscovery page listing the devices you selected. Use the Choose device attribute drop-down to select the  attribute on which to base the rules:

  • Device name
  • OS name
  • Mac address prefix
  • Hardware model
  • Tag

Select the Choose case match type attribute drop-down (Case insensitive or Case sensitive) and the Choose length match type attribute drop-down (Partial match or Exact match) to refine the ignore rule.

Click Create new device ignore rules to add the rules. Device42 adds the new rules to the Device Ignore Rule list.