Database Viewer Schema

Viewing the Device42 Database Schema

To explore the Device42 database schema, head to the Help Menu (Red life Raft) -> Viewer Schema:
Database Viewer Schema

Entity Relationship Diagram

The Entity Relationship Diagram [aka ERD] is a handy way to navigate the Device42 database schema, to visualize relationships, and to assemble DOQL queries. The ERD is searchable using the “Find” field at the top left.

By searching for device, database views that contain “device” are highlighted (e.g. view_device_v1 & other related fields), while others fade into the background:

Entity Relationship Diagram ERD

Any view can be expanded by clicking the triangle [highlighted] or the “Expand All” button (which will expand all views):
ERD view_device_v1 expanded

Data Dictionary

The data dictionary is another way to explore and view the details of the Device42 database and is quite handy when writing DOQL queries. The viewer schema is formatted as a text-based list, each table formatted to show the columns in that table, each field’s data type, and a field description, which provides a quick sentence describing the type of data one should expect to find in that field.

The Viewer Data Dictionary can be found via the Device42 UI, Help Menu -> Viewer Schema -> Data Dictionary:

Device42 data dictionary

Note that you can also get the data dictionary from this API endpoint: /services/data/v1.0/dd/ should you prefer the API; Parameters and more details about running DOQL queries via the API can be found on the main D42 DOQL page here.