Enable or Disable TLS v1.0 from Appliance Manager

Disabling or Enabling TLS v1.0 from the Appliance Manager

Device42 allows you to Enable or Disable TLS v1.0 for Appliance Manager Access. The checkbox shown below controls the feature.

To enable or disable TLS v1.0, log into the Device42 Appliance Manager by clicking the link at the bottom of the main login page, and entering your Device42 Appliance Manager credentials. The default name and password for the Appliance Manager is d42admin/default.
Appliance Manager Login

From the main menu on the left side of the Appliance Manager, select “Appliance Manager SSL” (highlighted & magnified):
Appliance Manager Login

Simply check or uncheck the checkbox to enable or disable TLS v1.0, respectively. Press the “Submit” button to apply your changes.