VM Inventory

Detailed Virtual Machine Information along with Virtual Host.

    ,h.device_name                           host_device_name
    ,h.total_cpus                            host_cpu_count
    ,h.ram_mb                                host_ram_gb
    ,h.os_name                               host_os_name
    ,h.all_ips                              host_all_ips    
    ,vmm.device_name                         vm_manager
    ,h.device_type                           host_hardware_type
    ,h.os_architecture                       host_os_arch
    ,h.os_version                            host_os_version
    ,h.os_version_number                     host_os_version_number
    ,case when h.threads_per_core > 1
         then 'yes'  else 'no'
    end                                      host_is_hyperthreaded
    ,h.core_per_cpu                          host_cpu_cores
    ,h.cpu_speed                             host_cpu_speed_ghz
          /*  additional host info  */
    ,h.threads_per_core                      host_core_threads
    ,case when h.core_per_cpu is null
        then h.total_cpus
          when h.threads_per_core > 1
        then h.total_cpus * h.core_per_cpu * h.threads_per_core
          else h.total_cpus * h.core_per_cpu
    end                                      host_compute_power
          /*  assemble guest information */
    ,g.device_fk                             guest_device_id
    ,g.device_name                           guest_name
    ,g.all_ips                               guest_ip_addresses
    ,g.os_name                               guest_os_name
    ,g.in_service                            guest_is_in_service
    ,g.os_architecture                       guest_os_arch
    ,g.os_version                            guest_os_version
    ,g.os_version_number                     guest_os_version_number
       when g.threads_per_core > 1       
               then 'yes'   else 'no'  
          end                                guest_is_hyperthreaded
    ,g.total_cpus                            guest_cpu_count
    ,g.core_per_cpu                          guest_cpu_cores
    ,g.cpu_speed                             guest_cpu_speed_ghz
    ,g.ram_mb                                guest_ram_gb
    ,g.local_disk_count                      guest_disk_count
          /*  additonal info available - for hosts and guests  */
    ,g.threads_per_core                      guest_core_threads
    ,case when g.core_per_cpu is null
          then g.total_cpus
          when g.threads_per_core > 1
        then g.total_cpus * g.core_per_cpu * g.threads_per_core
          else g.total_cpus * g.core_per_cpu
    end                                      guest_compute_power
    ,h.last_discovered                            host_last_update
    ,g.last_discovered                            guest_last_update
     /*  get the hosts that have virtual_host flag on  */
from (select * from view_dbb_compute_v2  hsq 
where hsq.virtual_host /*
 and hsq.os_name NOT IN ('f5','netscaler' */ )) h
     /*  get the virtual devices that are not part of the network OSs  */           
left join (select * from view_dbb_compute_v2  gsq 
where gsq.device_type = 'virtual') g   
             on g.virtual_host_device_fk = h.device_fk
left join view_dbb_compute_v2 vmm 
             on vmm.device_fk = h.vm_manager_device_fk
order by h.device_name asc


Use as part of your resource management.