On-Premise Databases


On-Premise Databases are non-cloud database instances identified and returned by Device42 autodiscovery jobs. On-Premise Databases display their details and related resources.

View On-Premise Databases

Select Resources > On-Premise Databases from the Device42 menu to display the on-premise databases list.

Device42 displays the on-premise databases list page. On this page, you can Search by database name, or filter the list by Database Type.

Click on a on-premise database Name to see details about that database.

Delete or Export On-Premise Databases

You can export data about on-premise databases or delete databases. On the on-premise list page, select one or more database instances, and select either Delete selected Database Instances or Export selected items to CSV from the Actions menu, and then click the lightning bolt icon.

Confirm the deletion if prompted or cancel. Exported files are downloaded automatically.