SNMP SAN/Server Auto-Discovery

The SNMP Server Auto-Discovery method finds servers and SANs via SNMP.

Netapp and EMC SANs are supported. Inventory data such as name, hardware model, serial #, OS, mac address, and IP properties are retrieved.

This method will also find Windows and Linux servers. However, more information will be retrieved by the Windows/Linux Auto-Discovery Client. We recommend use of that tool if WMI and/or SSH are permitted protocols.
For Linux and Windows servers, this method retrieves the name, mac address and IP properties.

If the servers are Dell machines and have Dell OpenManage installed, it will additionally find serial #, model, and some other information.

Setting up the auto-discovery job

Setting up the auto-discovery job

The auto-discovery job specification takes an IP range, port, version, and communty string as input.

It can also be scheduled like other auto-discovery jobs.