ArrayIQ Storage Discovery Requirements

Required Permissions

Collectors require a user account with read-only permissions to the target device. Please refer to vendor documentation for setup instructions.

Device Support

Virtualization Technologies

Vendor Access Mechanism
 Default Port
VMware vCenter  443

Storage Switches

Vendor Access Mechanism  Default Port
Brocade SMIS  5988/5989
Cisco SMIS  5988/5989

Storage Devices

Vendor Access Mechanism  Default Port
Celerra REST  80/443
Dell Equallogic SNMP  161
EMC ECS REST  80/443
EMC VMAX SMIS  5988/5989
EMC VNX SMIS  5988/5989
HDS G1000 SMIS  5988/5989
Hitachi SMIS  5988/5989
HP Lefthand SMIS  5988/5989
HP 3PAR SMIS  5988/5989
IBM SMIS  5988/5989
Infinidat REST  80/443
LSI SMIS  5988/5989
Netapp Vendor API  80/443
Oracle ZFS REST  80/443
Pure Storage REST  80/443
Recover Point REST  80/443
Tintri REST  80/443
VNXE REST  80/443
VMWare Vendor API  80/443