Archiving Devices and Resources


You can archive devices and other resources to retire them or to take them out of service but still keep a record of the archived object. Device42 displays a list view of archived objects, and you can view and edit individual archived objects. The instructions below show how to archive a device and archive a resource.

Archive a Device

  • Go to Resources > Compute > All Devices to display the device list page.
  • Click the name of the device you want archive to display its view page, then click the ellipse menu and then Archive.

  • Device42 displays a archive device prompt page. Click Yes, I’m sure to archive the device. Click your browser’s Back button to return to the device view page.

  • Device42 adds the device to the Archived Objects list page.

Archive a Resource

  • Go to Resources > Resources > All Resources to display the Resources list page.
  • Click the name of the resource you want to archive to display the resource view page.

  • Click Archive at the top right of the view page.
  • Device42 displays an Archive Object pop-up with information about the resource. Click Show to see additional information; you can also add optional notes.

  • Click Archive to archive the resource.
  • Device42 adds the resource to the Archived Objects list page.

View and Edit Archived Objects

  • Go to Analytics > Audit Logs > Archived Objects to display the list page.

  • You can sort the objects list by Object Type or by Archive Date.

  • Click on the name of an archived object to view it.

  • Information about the archived object’s child elements appears on the right of the page. Hover over the links next to the child elements to display pop-ups with additional information about the element.

  • Click Edit at the top right to add or edit notes about the archived object. (Note that all the other information on the page is read-only.) Click Save when done.

Delete an Archived Object

  • On the Archived Objects list page, click the check box next to the object you want to delete.
  • Select either Delete with Detailed Confirmation or Fast Background Delete from the Actions menu, and then click the blue hammer icon.