Merge and Assign Software Components

Merge Software Components and Assign Them to a Suite

You can merge software components and assign them to a component suite.

  • Select Apps > Software > Software Components to display the Software Component list.
  • Select the components you want to merge, select Assign Software to Suite from the Actions menu, and then click the lightning button to run the action.

Device42 displays the Assign Software to Suite page listing the software components you selected.

  • Click Select Software Suite to chose an existing software component to create the suite and assign the selected components to it, or select Add Software Component to create a new component for the suite.

  • After you select or add the suite component, click Assign.

Device opens the View Software Component page and displays the new component suite. The assigned software components are listed in the Software Components in the Suite section.

Merging Software Components with the Same Name

To merge software components that have the same name into a suite, merge them together before merging them into a suite. A new component suite cannot have the same name + vendor combination as an existing software component; it must have a unique name + vendor combination.

For example:

  • software component ABC with vendor Cisco (ex. 1)
  • software component ABC with vendor MS (ex. 2)
  • software component ABC-Suite with vendor None (ex. 3)

You can merge ex. 1 into ex. 3, or merge ex. 2 into ex. 3, with no problem – however, trying to merge ex. 1 AND ex. 2 into ex. 3 will result in a validation error, prompting you to merge ex. 1 with ex. 2 before trying to merge them with ex. 3.