This module enables you to manage your SSL certificates in Device42.

Viewing Certificates

Certificate Details

When viewing a certificate that has been imported, you can now associate and see FQDN, multiple devices, IPs and differend validity dates to your certificates.
This allows you to have a wildcard certficate and easily see differend FQDNs or subdomains associated with it.

Certificate Auto-Discovery

Device42 also supports auto-discovery of certificates.

Certificate auto-discovery job

When creating a certificate auto-discovery job, simply enter a range of IP addresses and ports to scan and Device42 will scan that range and import and certificates found. If a certificate is found on an IP address already associated with a device in Device42, the certificate will also be associated with that device automatically.

Certificate List Page

The list page for certificates will show you all certificates discovered in Device42 with validity date information, as well as a graph showing you the days until the certficate expires making it possible to see this information with a quick glance.

Certificate List View

Certificate Instances

In addition to seeing all certificates, you can now see certificate instances – allowing you to see device/ip address relationships for individual certificates. This can be filtered based on device building, service level and customer.

Certificate Reports

Though you can have multiple valid-to dates associated with a single certificate, Device42 reports still know to alert you based on the oldest date stored for a given certificate.

This allows you to run reports to see which devices you still need their certificates updated, allowing you to see your update progressing — which can prove especially useful with very large deployments.