AppFocus Filters

Introduced in v18.00.00

Affinity Group AppFocus Filters allow you to choose a set of device or resource characteristics to define what is included in the Affinity Group’s initial set of resources to include for relationship analysis. What this means is in version 18.00 you can choose tag values in your AppFocus Filter. When this filter is run, devices and/or resources with those values will be added to the affinity group, and Device42 will look for their impacts and dependencies. In the future, the flexibility of these filters will expand to allow even further customization of the affinity groups and dynamic updating.

Using AppFocus Filters

To use AppFocus Filters on the Affinity Groups page, click the “Add AppFocus” button:

Click Add AppFocus to create a new AppFocus Filter in an Affinity Group

This will bring you to a new page that allows you to define the rules to describe which devices or resources are included in the initial affinity group:

Options to define what is included in Affinity Groups

On this page you can choose: explicit Devices and/or Resources to include in the Affinity Group, or which tags to define which devices or resources are included in the Affinity Group. Once the Affinity Groups are again calculated, a new Affinity Group will be generated with this initial set of devices and their impacts or dependencies. In the future, you will be able to choose additional options to define this initial set and it will dynamically change as new devices come and go.