Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups Overview

As of Device42 v15.10.00, the new Affinity Groups v2 replaces the v1 iteration. Affinity Groups v2 accomplishes the same goals as v1, still assisting customers and partners with application grouping activities based on observed communication patterns – however, the process has been re-imagined and completely integrated into the D42 main UI; there is no longer any need to export any reports or to import any Affinity Group (AG) data.

Pinned Services

Affinity Groups v2 introduces the concept of pinned services. Pinned services represent the ‘core dependencies’ of your infrastructure, and discovered database services are automatically pinned by default. Affinity group impact charts are only created for servers with pinned services, and you are free to pin other services you consider important, as well.

After discovery has been run within your environment (we recommend a 30-day minimum time period), the detailed application dependency information that has been collected should now be ready to use with Affinity Groups. Collected information includes service names and communication details, and affinities are then calculated based on client communication to a particular service listening on a TCP or UDP port and server process. Users define services critical to their use case then affinity groups are processed. The result is a visualized grouping of communication patterns.

Using Affinity Groups – How-To

From the Device42 menu, navigate to Apps > Affinity Groups
From this screen, enter your search criteria and/or simply click the “Chart” link next of the Affinity Group you’d like to view. Affinity Groups are automatically calculated every night at 2AM for all ‘pinned’ services.

select affinity group to view

Pinning other ‘Core’ services

Affinity groups are only generated for your ‘Core services’, which are those services that have been ‘Pinned’ in Device42. If you don’t see the Affinity Group Impact Chart you’re looking for, ensure you’ve pinned the relevant services. Navigate to your critical ‘core services’ and pin them:

Pin Selected Services

Database Services – Pinned by default

Database services are considered ‘core services’ and are therefore pinned automatically. Notice the green Checkmarks indiciating they are alread pinned:

DB services pinned by default

Viewing Affinity Group Impact Charts

Simply click the “Chart” link near one or more services to see the associated Affinity Group Impact Chart:

Affinity Group Graph example
Affinity Group Impact Chart v15.10
Visualize Affinity Group Results